Nat Muguet

Nat Muguet

Nat Mugent (Brazil) is an agroforestry producer, agronomist, ethnobotanical permaculturist, herbalist with over 13 years of experience in syntropic agriculture.

She is a follower of the teachings of Ernst Götsch. Pioneer of Agroforestry Systems aimed at the cultivation of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants. Nat Muguet worked in 2015 for the Eduardo Mondlan University in Mozambique with the management community of natural forest resources. In 2016 she worked at ICRAF Malawi with implementation of syntropic agroforestry. In 2017 she coordinated and consolidated the first area of syntropic agriculture in Africa together with Ernest. The farm is in Mozambique in the state of Namacha. Since 2019 she is a farm collaborator and consultant in Kenya.

Since 2014 she has been a professor of syntropic agriculture at the Sitio Semente, where she is the owner and founder. Today the Sitio Semente is the biggest reference for a school of syntropic agriculture in the world. where more than 2,000 students passed each year. With areas of more than 18 years of work, it was possible to regenerate an area of 12 hectares of degraded land in fertile forest soil, producing food and regenerative medicine. The heart of the work is a nursery of the highest quality of plants that are spreading the seeds throughout the four directions of the world. Nat provides design and teaching consultancy in several countries such as; Costa Rica, South Africa, Colombia, India, Mozambique, Chile, Mexico.


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