Maria Terra

Maria Terra

Woman, mammal, mother, daughter, sister, lover and seeker of life, eternal student of the wisdom of nature and the sacredness of existence. I learn with the elements, directions, plants and nature. I´m in service of earth and their originary people. 

I walk my path asking my ancestors to remember why I'm here and how to live a life in connection with essence. 

I have devoted my life to working with indigenous tribes from the Amazon, creating different projects, traveling the world with them, helping spread the word of the elders and studying the art of healing with stories, plants and chants, earth care and the geometry of old traditions.

I also dedicate my life working with women, using different practices for the wellbeing of the body, mind and soul which include yoga, meditation, ayurveda, natural gynecology, nutrition and herbalism all used as tools for self knowledge. 

I inhale and exhale deeply...

learning with the breath...

listening to the wind, 

observing life, waves, rivers and trees, 

admiring sunsets and giving thanks for this opportunity. 


Sacred Earth