Linda Pappa

Linda Pappa

Hi dear one, I am Linda Pappa, a greek multi-disciplinary artist who is pulled by a desire to explore the primordial energy residing in all living things.

I am deeply inspired by the Element of Earth - she has been my Mother, my main guide and teacher, leading me to work with many different mediums of expression on a deeply embodied artistic research where I seek to unearth ancestral wisdom, using the sensorial materials the earth provides. This has led me to create things like divinatory art using natural pigments, as well as ritual vessels made with clay I have foraged in the mountains around me. The Earth never stops guiding me into visionary places within.

I have found that Earth in her rawest literal state - in the clay, the mud and the ground that holds us - is an absolute portal to know ourselves and our true Nature very deeply. An animistic and interactive relationship to Earth in all her forms can guide us to find our sense of belonging, not just through this lifetime but through the string of many lives gone by that connect us to everything that has ever lived here.

Everything I learn on this journey, I feel called to share with others. I have written books, publications and resources on Elemental connection and enjoy guiding others into the healing process of co-creation with Earth, sharing the fundamental understanding that our inner & outer worlds are one. 

With Gratitude,



Singing Earth