Lele Peviani


My name is Alessandra Peviani, but everyone calls me Lele, Brazilian, lover of Nature, especially the Sea and all its exuberance, traveler, photographer, body therapist. I deepen my knowledge in health, in self-knowledge, in the natural world of herbs, medicines, in my Micro Revolution activism, living in harmony with Nature, the House and the Body. I've taken many courses, I've lived immersed in Nature, I've read a lot, and I've studied in my own body (and I still do it all). I am the co-creator of the Odoyá Corpo project, where I expose my entire path of discovery and body care.

In this space, look for my activism towards my Micro Revolution, each of us can make this transformation in our own home, in a simple and natural way. Bringing the simple, the ritual, freedom and care, nature, our physical body and our home, it's where we live, respect and nothing more incredible than taking care and being careful, receiving and offering! At Living a Sacred we will learn how to make this Micro Revolution, starting from changes in habits and some recipes for natural cosmetics that you will teach you. Axe!


Seeing with new eyes