Fernanda Botelho

Fernanda Botelho

Fernanda Botelho studied medicinal plants at the Scottish School of Herbal Medicine. She lived in England for 17 years where she attended the Anthroposophical Society and trained in Botany, Phytotherapy and Pedagogy. She then returned to Portugal and trained as a Botanical Garden guide in the University of Lisbon.

She is the author of a collection of children's books "Salada de Flores", "Sementes à Solta” and “Hortas Aromáticas”. Since 2010, she regularly publishes an annual agenda of plants that weave together: ecology, ethnobotany and medicinal plants. And continues to publish different books on these themes. 

Nowadays she spends her time organizing tours on plant recognition, medicinal plants and is regularly invited to teach at various schools and associations.. She is one of the founders of the Sintra without Herbicide group and is often featured on different radio and television programs. 

In her everyday life happiness is a duty and gratitude is a constant. Her hope is that her books and words could be like magic wands, able to open doors to a more intimate relationship between readers and the green world around us.


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