Charlotte J Ward

Charlotte J Ward

Born in 1992 to a British mother and a French father, respectively of Russian and Kabyle descent, Charlotte J Ward is an eco-somatic artist and movement facilitator in service of Earth and Women.

Her main fields of interest lie within natural cycles and the intrinsic state of inter-being between the human and Earth bodies. Working with photography, words and her own body, Charlotte has been exploring these themes through her ongoing series ‘Moon Blood’ and ‘This Earth Body Is My Home’. Two bodies of works which explore the cyclical nature of Life from both a micro and macro perspective. 

In 2020, Charlotte completed a 200 hour 'Still Flowing’ Yoga, Somatic and Mindfulness teacher training which continues to nourish her embodied experience and artistic research. It was during the same year that she began to delve deeper into the realms of Menstrual Cycle Awareness, which eventually led her to join Red School’s ‘Menstruality Leadership Program’, that she completed in September 2022.

Since then, Charlotte has been sharing her knowledge and passion for the menstrual cycle through online and in-person workshops, guiding participants through a journey of cyclical remembrance and deeper connection with both human and Earth bodies.


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