Violeta Lapa


I’m  Violeta, Portuguese, I live in a small village in Sesimbra, in Arrábida Natural Park.

I’m an aquatic therapist and underwater educator, producer, artivist and ecological educator.

In 2016, after overcoming my biggest  fear with the ocean, I learned how to swim, and I received a vision, a dream that made me give birth to my project Oceans and Flow. I’ve been researching the Water through different practices - water dance, freediving, water therapies, body surf, and also deep ecology, conscious breathing, herbalism and observing nature.

I’ve always had a strong connection with the Dreams, which led me to seek more information and to learn different collaborative methodologies, social technologies and tools that amplify our connection with the Dreams, supporting collective dreams and sustainable projects. Through 'Dragon Dreaming', 'The Work That Reconnects' and Deep Ecology, today I dedicate my life creating deep experiences, aquatic movement journeys and educational initiatives that regenerate the planet, reintegrating the human being to nature.

I am at the service of water, the human transformation and the regeneration of the planet.


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