Teresa Feijó


I am Teresa, a quester, sensitive, creative, alchemist, curious, manifesting woman. I am fascinated by cultures and ancestral wisdom, nature, alchemy, dreams, contemplation, history beyond history and a navigator of dimensions.

8 years ago my life took on another flavor with the deep contact with the visionary plants that accompany me till these days. New realities opened up, new possibilities emerged, and especially in the way I related to myself and nature. Holy walking became my skin, my constant and natural prayer, an internal altar emerged firmly within my being.

It was by relating to the consciousness/spirit of plants in a very intimate and ritualistic way that new visions, new truths emerged. Understand that they (plants) are keys to access our consciousness, to the ancient memory and that they are powerful allies for our evolution as humanity.

With the plants I created a relationship that goes beyond the rational field, a deep communication where matter and spirit come together, creating bonds of deep connection with the immense divine web, woven by all of us.

I am immensely grateful to plants, especially to visionaries, for all the personal, generational, collective healing they have brought me to my life, to my family and social constellation, awakening more and more the path to love.

My great skills are in the field of human development based on nature and therapy combined with ancient practices. 

I work with the Earth Medicine of Águas Floridas, with the alchemy of creating symphonies of pure beauty through the vibration, scents and spirit of plants, flowers and water, as gateways of energetic elevation of our being, of our prayers, awakening harmony and what was once repressed and disconnected from us. Reconnecting the senses of the sacredness of life.

I gave birth to my MAMITAY project through my path with the plants where I’ve learned from them, from dreams, from Medicine Women, with sisters and brothers of the way, with alchemists, in my travels through the mountains, jungles and seas, with different tribes, with a lot of study, observation, silence, laughter and above all with the immense generosity of Mother Earth.

At this moment I live between Ericeira and the Peruvian Andes, walking with deep gratitude, an eternal seeker and apprentice of plants, nature and the great Mystery.

With much love and gratefulness I vow myself to the Mystery of life.

May all beings experience love

About the class:

I will be participating at the last moment: “New Truths” and leading a Florida Water Ritual, and during the week I will share and guide ritualistic practices, meditations and energy care.


New truth