Olga Sadowski


As a child of immigrants, I realized early my disconnection from the concept of “home”. Out of this missing of roots, I went on a quest around the world in search of place, to realize that what I am in search for, became a spiritual journey that draws me constantly to nature and the core of my soul. Currently, I anchored my roots in the rocky lands in the south of Portugal.

I dedicate my time to the reminiscence of our reciprocal relationship with the earth. My tools are the dimension of energetic healing, my work as a plant-based chef and Cardo. The initiative Cardo is a shop for local artisans, opening a space of fair commerce for people that use traditional skills of creation, transforming local materials into beauty. 

Working with handcraft and cooking became my paths of resistance against ruling ideologies. I share in retreats and workshops ideas around cooking as a way of peaceful disobedience & ritual. Bringing us back to the fact that we are living in a capitalist system and therefore our decisions of how and where we consume become political acts.


Recognizing our pain