Mariana Root


Since very young, life has brought me to discover my voice and relate to it in a very intimate way. It has been a beautiful journey since the start, as my family encouraged me to explore this gift. I went through different phases and ways of exploring the vocal world: after surrounding myself with song interpretation and creation as a child and teenager,

I studied Voice at the University of Jazz and had complementary preparations like vocal yoga that helped to dive into the subtleties the instrument voice has. In the time I was living in Peru, I had the opportunity to meet elders and song carriers from different native cultures that made me understand why I always felt something was missing in my musical experience: the power of intention and the power of prayer carried by sound. At the same time, I found great learning in exploring the infinite possibilities of the voice, especially with improvisation and experimentation, practices that bring one to the present moment to find healing properties, alignment, connection, joy…! As I embodied these different approaches to singing,

At a certain time in my path, a very important (re)connection with my roots grew and with that a feeling of authenticity and naturaly that was not there before. Throughout the last few years, I started to believe that part of my life’s purpose is to share the tools I’ve learned and developed in my experience, and support a transformation that is reflected in people’s hearts and their own voices and lives. Nature, rivers, skies, the ocean, people, plants are my inspiration. And now being a mother is becoming a source of new flows of sounds.


Our own voice to pray