Maria Peres

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I am a therapist of the soul, a practitioner of Ayurveda Medicine, Natural Gynecology, also in continuous study and alchemy with plants, where I try to make my own medicines to support the womens I work with.

For 1 decade I wandered through South America and a little through Asia to heal myself, heal my intoxicated, silenced, malnourished uterus and ovaries, for a life far from my essence.

Brazil woke up one of the calls of my soul, it opened me to the understanding of our relationship with Nature and the principle of feminine energy and strength.

A free, restless, curious, spiritual energy pulsates in me that seeks to nourish and is nourished through relationships with humans, plants, birds, mountains and the waters of our Sacred Earth!

I am the creator of the Apoema Healing With In project, which came about with the desire to share through education, awareness of the female body and our role as a woman.

And the creator of the Living as Sacred movement, who was born with the desire to inspire other women, remember the importance of living in greater respect, union with the Earth, all beings that inhabit it and of walking in Truth with our own voice!


Seeing with new eyes