Emilia Cianci


Hi beloved, I am Emilia, soul worker, eternal student of the wisdom of the earth, of the plants, the trees, the birds and rivers. I am a curious human, poet at heart, mystic and devoted to remembering how to live in a sacred connection with all creation. I have dedicated most of my life to deepen my connection to my body, soul and to the mystery of creation. 

 My journey has led me to go deep into exploring the landscape of our bodies through movement and embodiment, to travel across the planet to study ancient eastern practices, to humble myself over and over again to the teachings of plants by studying folk herbalism, wise woman healing traditions and plant spirit medicine, to sit around many fires praying and singing and trying to remember the way of my ancestors, to feel over and over again the profound pain I carry for the world we live in and to let that pain transform me and humble me so that I may offer it back to the world with fierce love.

I now facilitate spaces of reconnection through rituals and ceremonies, grief circles, embodiment, movement explorations, meditation and offer both retreats and 1:1 sessions.


Recognizing our pain