Daphna Givon


Hello dears, I’m Daphna, mother of four incredible children, living with my family in the mountains of the Algarve, south Portugal. As a young mother, I've been educated through permaculture to a profound loving & caring relationship with nature, plants medicine, traditional skills and wilderness awareness. 

Cultivating a lifestyle that is in harmony with the natural life, taking full responsibility for my family and my own health... Spiritual, emotional and physical health. Keeping a simple and sustainable approach which allows me to build an everlasting friendship with my surroundings, discovering every day a further way of unfolding the layers which keep me blocked from the full potential of being a happy, nurturing & inspiring woman.

I practice natural medicine with wild herbs, environmental education, music & consciousness in all aspects of family life.

About my week:

We will be seeing our conditionings with new eyes, observing how by connection to plants & wilderness we can heal any of our wounds, and step into a journey of acting from space of love & care, to ourselves, to nature, to all the surrounds us.


Seeing with new eyes